Twenty-One was born from the will of Antonio Carnevale, an Apulian entrepreneur and fashion designer, to relaunch the true value of Made in Italy tailoring.

His mission is to create what he calls the “tradition of tomorrow“, that is, the ability to create evergreen yet trendy garments. With a strong innovative capacity TwentyOne always creates new cuts and fittings, outside the box, treating fabrics with innovative washes but maintaining that tradition capable of giving life to products that last over time.

“An intuition, the search for a material, the design of a jacket become the starting point for the development of a new collection …”


The Twenty-One laboratory is located in Martina Franca, right in the center of Puglia, Southern Italy, renowned for its stark white painted houses, but also for its ancient tailoring tradition as it houses important factories of famous Italian brands.
This is why Twenty-One can rely on a highly qualified workforce and strong experience in the sector.
In 2016 the Martina Franca company expands and doubles its plants, technologically improving production processes and increasing manpower, demonstrating the desire to continue investing in the territory and in the local community.


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